About Milk & Moments


About Milk & Moments from the artist

Hi! I'm Kimberly and I'm the owner and artist of Milk & Moments! If you're reading this you've decided to be a part of this amazing journey with me, and I'm thankful you're here! I started this journey with an idea, and with lots of determination, it has turned into something so incredible.

Breastmilk Keepsake - Breastmilk Jewelry
After discovering breastmilk and memorial keepsakes I immediately wanted my own until most of the companies I found were way beyond my price range, so I decided to research and try to create one for myself. Once I mastered the craft through extensive testing, I began creating for friends and eventually turned it into a business. I've worked so hard to grow my small business to where it is today! I run this business on the ideal that no moment is too small to be reminded of and anyone can have a keepsake to hold dear. Because you deserve it, just like I did. 

I'm a mom of 2 and I have nursed both of my little ones. It's been such a special part of my life. In addition to being a keepsake artist, I also work full time as a Chief Marketing Officer with a Law Firm. Our day-to-day is hectic, fast-paced, full of love and laughter and I wouldn't trade it for anything! 

I share a connection with each customer I create a keepsake for. I love hearing about your special memories and the reason you want a keepsake to symbolize them! I relate to all of the hard work behind nursing and pumping and to the loss of your loved one. I've shared that work and the pain. I've poured my heart and soul into my small business and I'm so grateful for every order. Every chance to make a small difference in a customer's life.

This is so much more than jewelry and keepsakes. It's love, dedication and special moments preserved in a beautiful handmade stone. Thank you for letting me be the one to create your beautiful keepsakes!

Photos by Running Mom Photography, LLC