Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions to help you have peace of mind when placing your order.

How Do I Order Breastmilk Jewelry | Cremation Ash Jewelry?

Ordering jewelry made from breastmilk, cremation ashes, or another precious inclusion is a big decision and you want to ensure you follow each step correctly. To place your order, choose your perfect jewelry or keepsake, whatever calls to you the most. 

If choosing to order a ring, you can choose your ring size based off of the available sizes from the drop down menu on the product page. My ring settings are measured with a jeweler's mandrel and the sizes are the same as if you tried them on in a jewelry store.

All rings vary in available sizes. If you are unsure of your ring size I do offer a ring sizing tool, which is available for purchase prior to purchasing your ring and can be found under the Rings collection. Otherwise, I would suggest stopping into a local jeweler and confirming your size prior to placing your order. Once your stone is set in your ring it cannot be removed or resized due to the possibility of damage in the process.

Once you have chosen the perfect keepsake for you, chosen your size (for ring orders), inclusions, and additives (if desired). You will find 2 shipping options at checkout. 

If you are a returning customer and you will be using leftover preserved breastmilk from your last order (once you have confirmed you have leftover preserved breastmilk on file), please respond to your order confirmation email stating the same. Otherwise, I will not know when the TAT for your order begins. Be sure to use the discount code included with your finished order for 10% off! 

What is the Order Turn Around Time (TAT)?

The order turn-around time (TAT) is currently 15-20 weeks from the time that your inclusions are received, NOT from when the order is placed. This does not include shipping time once your finished order has been shipped. The TAT is contingent on the artist's order load, and is subject to change at any time should there be a necessity to do so.

To check the status of your current order, please visit the order status page on the website.

How often will my order status be updated?

To check the status of your order, you will need to go to the order status page on the website. You will enter the email address that was used to place the order and your order number. Emails requesting an order update are not guaranteed to be answered.

If you select the pre-paid shipping option at checkout, your order status will update with the tracking information for your package once it has shipped. Allow 10 business days from the date your order was placed for your package to ship.

Once your inclusions are received, we will mark them as received on the order status page and note the date received. The TAT for your order begins from this date. You can confirm this date with your tracking number for your inclusion package. Allow 10 business days from the date your inclusions were delivered for your order status to be updated.

Your order status will be updated once your order is being created and when it is being packaged to ship. There is no set time frame as to when these updates will appear, only that is will be within the current TAT beginning from when your inclusions were received.

Once your order has shipped, you will receive tracking info via email. Local orders will receive a pickup notification once your order is ready for pickup.

Do you offer any order discounts?

Absolutely! I greatly appreciate every order placed with Milk & Moments and I happily offer several discounts.

For orders of more than one item, code BUNDLE10 can be used for 10% off of your total order. For return customers who have ordered before, code RETURN10 can also be used for 10% off of your total order.

Sales, giveaways and other promotions are shared first on our Milk & Moments Facebook Group Page. Come join our community!

Do you accept international orders?

Yes, absolutely and I love the opportunity to do so! I have created jewelry and keepsakes for customers around the world including Canada, Australia, France, Across the UK, Ireland and more! 

How does shipping for my order work? 

*Keep record of your tracking number. It is in each customer's responsibility to track their inclusions and confirm that they were delivered. Please also utilize the Order Status Page on the website to confirm your inclusions have been received and the current status of your order. Allow up to 10 business days for your order status to be updated once your inclusions have been received. I will not email customers individually to confirm receipt, or respond to emails requesting confirmation.*

Option 1 (Final Shipping)

Shipping Option 1 will include you shipping your own inclusions, first class, via USPS and paying $5 final shipping costs to ship your finished order. Ship according to the instructions below. The address to ship will be on your order confirmation email.

Option 2 (Pre-Paid Shipping Package)

Shipping Option 2 will include me mailing you a pre-paid shipping package and paying $15 shipping costs (which also includes the cost to ship your finished order. The pre-paid package will include a bubble mailer and a pre-paid label to send me your inclusions that can be placed directly into your mailbox. I do not provide materials for your actual inclusions to be placed into the pre-paid shipping package.

Shipping packages are mailed within 10 business days of your order being placed. Ship according to the instructions below. Once your pre-paid package has shipped you will receive a tracking number for USPS via email. 

International Orders 

Inclusions for international orders are not eligible for the pre-paid shipping package due to customs restrictions. You will be responsible for shipping your own inclusions internationally with tracking. Please ship as follows:

For customs, put the value of your package at $10.00 (convert from USD) to avoid fees that customs charges to insure your package. List the contents as "colored liquid (or powder for cremation ashes) for jewelry". Only send the amount listed below and follow the shipping instructions exactly. I am not responsible for any country's fees for having merchandise imported to that county.  Any additional taxes or fees your country places on your package is the customer's responsibility.

Local Orders

Local orders placed in the Rock Hill, SC area have the option of local drop-off for your inclusions and pick-up for your finished order. Once your order has been placed, please respond to your order confirmation email to confirm instructions for drop-off. Please do not drop-off your inclusions before confirming with me. Local Orders are subject to the same turn around time, which begins the date inclusions are dropped off. Refunds for shipping costs on orders placed wishing to do local drop-off/pick-up instead, are completely in my discretion.

When dropping off inclusions, please clearly label bags and containers with the order # and drop-off date. 

How Much Breastmilk | Cremation Ashes (etc) Do You Need?

Breast Milk:

1 oz of room temperature breastmilk. Placed into a sealed breastmilk storage bag and then into a sealed ziplock bag to prevent leaks. Expired and frozen milk is fine as long is it is room temperature when shipped to prevent condensation inside the shipping package. Breastmilk must be completely thawed before shipping. Do not send more than 1 oz as it can cause leaks during transit. 1 oz is enough for several pieces. Breastmilk with mold cannot be used.


1 scoop of powdered formula. Placed inside of a sealed ziplock bag and then into a second sealed zip lock bag to prevent leaks.

Cremation Ashes:

1 teaspoon of ashes. Placed into a sealed container and then into a sealed ziplock bag to prevent leaks.

Umbilical cord:

Entire dried umbilical cord stump. Placed into a ziplock bag and into the shipping package. Umbilical cord must be completely dried/ preserved prior to shipping. I will not work with cord blood as a personal preference.

Flower Petals:

2-3 large petals, 4-5 small petals. Place petals into a zip lock bag and into the shipping package. Flowers must be completely dried before shipping. 


A lock of hair 1-2" long if possible, 1 inch at least. Please bind the lock with thread, etc to ensure that it stays together and place in a sealed ziplock bag.

Please clearly label bags and containers with the name and order # associated with your order

*Please do NOT send the last of any of your inclusions as they are irreplaceable items. I am not responsible for inclusions being lost or damaged in transit or for delays in shipping.*

Can I send more than one sample of breastmilk for my order?

Should you wish to combine more than one sample of breastmilk into one stone, there is no additional cost. If you send more than one sample of breastmilk to be preserved separately for your order there will be an additional charge of $20 per sample. 

The costs associated with each order cover one sample of breastmilk. The additional invoice must be paid before your order ships.

What happens to the leftover breastmilk and other inclusions?

Any extra or unused breastmilk, if it is still in viable condition, will be held for up to 3 months for the customer to utilize on future orders. I do not return formula for reasons of safety.

Any leftover or unused cremation ashes, hair, umbilical cord, flowers, etc will be returned to the customer with their finished order.

Can I customize my order?

Your order can be customized with additives to embellish the inclusion stone for your jewelry or other keepsake. I offer various flakes and color additives for customers to make their keepsake even more unique. Visual examples of each additive can be found on the home page of the website and in the photos on each product page. Order customization requests should be listed in the "additional comments" section on the product page when placing your order.

Pearl shimmer added to a breastmilk stone will make the stone a fuller white color with a subtle sparkle. Using pearl shimmer in a stone with cremation ashes could cause an off-white color or a silver hue, depending on the natural color of the ashes.

Color additives can be used to color the entire stone or part of the stone in an ombre effect

Flakes can be used to represent a birthstone color or favorite color

  • Opal Flakes, Diamond Flakes, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Copper Leaf, Silver Leaf, Gold Leaf

Rainbow effects can be added to your stone upon request by using colored glitter additives

Flakes and color additives are placed to preference of the customer. If there is no specific customization request listed, the flakes, color, etc., will be placed in the artists' discretion.

Where can I see examples of how the different additives will look?

Visual examples of each additive can be found on the home page of the website and in the photos on each product page.

If you would like to see an example of how another keepsake looked with a specific additive or inclusion, there are tons of examples posted on the Milk & Moments Facebook Group Page. By using the search function at the top of the group page you can type in keywords of what you are looking for specifically.

For example: "Breastmilk with pearl shimmer", "Natural breastmilk", "Cremation ashes with opal flakes", etc.

Can I add more than one birthstone to the bands?

Not at this time. I work with jewelers that I trust for quality materials and unfortunately the birthstone bands are only available with one birthstone per band.

What metals are used in your jewelry?

The majority of my jewelry settings are made with 925 sterling silver, plated sterling silver, 14k gold-filled, and stainless steel.

I do not offer solid-gold jewelry settings at this time. I try to offer more affordable settings for my customers because everyone deserves a keepsake. Precious metals like solid-gold are very expensive.

Will my order look just like the photo?

I cannot guarantee that your finished order will look exactly the same as a piece that may have been featured on the website or posted on the facebook page. Each keepsake I create is one of a kind. Colors of stones will vary. As each piece is made with inclusions from different customers, no one keepsake will exactly resemble another. For example, there are many color variations in breastmilk and other inclusions. No milk will look the same, which means no stone will look the same as the next. Sparkle elements will vary and the lighting used in photography may vary. they are made with other customer's inclusions and elements vary.

There is no guarantee regarding the placement of hair, umbilical cord, ashes, color additives,  flakes, etc. Hair especially is a difficult material to work with and can be unpredictable for placement. If placement/ design is not specified, it will be in the artist's discretion.

Air bubbles in resin are natural and although I go to great effort to prevent them there may be some visible. This is a normal element in resin jewelry and will not be classified as a fault or defect.

My rings and metalwork will look handmade and you may see small scratches, excess solder, joins, inconsistencies and marks that are typical to items which are not mass-produced. The silver is not rhodium plated and will mark if scratched as with most handmade silver jewelry that is not mass-produced.

Will I see my finished order before it ships?

Unfortunately, in order to focus more on the completion of orders to do my best on staying current with the TAT, I am not able to send a finished photo of every order to customers. Your order will be created to your exact customization detailed when placing your order, or as closely to it as possible. These are handmade keepsakes and the final product cannot be predicted completely.

If you join the Milk & Moments Facebook Group Page, a photo of your finished order may be posted there after your ships!

How can I change my order?

Should you need to update your shipping address, order customization, etc, please email through the contact page on the website with your order number or reply to your order confirmation emailOrder changes are in the artist's discretion once your order has been placed.

Any requests to change your order must be made by email. Written notes sent with your inclusions can not be guaranteed to be received or legible upon receipt and should not be considered as a request for order change.

*the ability to alter your order depends on the stage your order is in*

Can I change my ring size after I place my order?

Customers are responsible for confirming their ring size prior to placing their order. Order changes are in the artist's discretion once your order has been placed. To request a change in ring size, please email through the contact page on the website with your order number or reply to your order confirmation email.

If your request to change your ring size is approved, your order is subject to a 30% restocking fee to recover the cost for jewelry incurred by the artist to complete your order. Once your inclusions are received, your ring size cannot be changed.

What is Breast Milk Jewelry?

Breastmilk jewelry is captured moments and preserved memories, all in tangible form. Your own liquid breastmilk is preserved and made into a stone for jewelry. Breastmilk jewelry is a unique and meaningful way for mothers to encapsulate their breastfeeding journey and cherish the bond with their child. 

How is Breastmilk Jewelry made?

Breastmilk - Preserving Breastmilk

Creating breastmilk jewelry requires a meticulous and intricate process. Breastmilk jewelry is made by a keepsake artist, skilled in working with organic materials, by carefully collecting and preserving the breastmilk sample. After undergoing a preservation process, the breastmilk is ground into a powder form and transformed into a durable and lasting resin, ready to be fashioned into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

The breastmilk is combined with a special resin, resulting in a material that resembles a precious stone. This material can then be molded, shaped, and set into various designs, such as pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and more. Artisans may also incorporate other elements like birthstones or additional DNA inclusions such as a lock of baby's hair, pieces of preserved umbilical cord, etc, to enhance the sentimental value of the jewelry.

Each piece of breastmilk jewelry is unique, just like the breastfeeding journey itself. The color and appearance of the jewelry may vary, depending on factors such as the mother's diet, the age of the breastmilk, and the preservation techniques used. 

Do You Make Cremation Ash Jewelry?

Yes, I absolutely do make jewelry and keepsake with creation ashes. By incorporating a small amount of cremation ashes into a piece of jewelry, we create a wearable memento of the person or fur-baby that we hold dear. I guarantee that your loved ones ashes are handled with the utmost care. 

How Do You Take Care of Breastmilk | Cremation Ash Jewelry?

To ensure longevity, you should care for your jewelry according to these instructions. Care for your keepsake as the irreplaceable item that it is, after all it is made with precious inclusions.

Avoid bumping, scratching or sleeping in your jewelry. This could cause damage to your piece.

Avoid water and do NOT submerge your jewelry in water. Your piece is made with resin, which is water resistant not waterproof.

Store your piece out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause resin to discolor and soften.

When storing your jewelry in a closed bag, box or other container, include an anti-tarnishing strip to help prevent your jewelry from tarnishing over time.

Avoid smoking while wearing your jewelry. If your piece is in regular contact with smoke there is a possibility that it may yellow.

Avoid exposing your Jewelry to harsh chemicals. This includes cleaning solutions, lotions, hand sanitizer, perfumes, etc. This can cause resin to break down completely.

Clean your jewelry lightly with a silver polishing cloth, do not clean with water.

A copy of these care instructions are also included with your finished piece to ensure proper care and longevity.

*If these care instructions are followed it will help improve the longevity of your piece. However just like any tangible object, there is a possibility of change in appearance over time.*

How Long Will My Breastmilk | Cremation Ash Jewelry Last?

Your breastmilk has been completely preserved so it will not turn inside of the stone. However, your keepsake jewelry is made with resin and all resin can yellow over time. To increase longevity please follow the care instructions provided with your finished piece and listed here in. Sterling silver can tarnish over time. It is recommended to clean sterling silver with a polishing cloth to remove tarnish, and store your jewelry with an anti-tarnishing strip. Rose gold and gold plating can wear off over time from general wear.

Do you offer any warranty on my order?

I do honor a 3 month warranty. If your keepsake should discolor or obtain damage due to natural causes and not due to causes of failing to properly care for your keepsake, I will try to correct the damage if possible or offer you a percentage off of another piece. You will be required to cover the shipping cost to return your piece and the cost to ship the repaired or new piece back to you. I am not responsible for items damaged in transit once they have shipped and left my possession.

Do you offer refunds or returns?

Please view the detailed information on the Terms & Conditions page for detailed information regarding refunds and returns.

Do You Accept Orders for New Items | Items Not on The Website?

Unfortunately I am not accepting order requests for new items at this time. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Please check the Terms & Conditions page for detailed information on the order process, shipping inclusions, the turn-around time, and more.