Tree of Life Painting with Inclusions

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The Tree of Life Paintings are hand painted on a 4x4 canvas block by artist Christina Brinkman with C. Volk Paintings. Your preserved breastmilk inclusions will be cured to the painting throughout the roots and branches of the tree. 

Please select a flake option from the drop down menu to embellish the branches of your painting. Flakes are limited to silver, gold and cooper leaf as they will be incorporated into the paint.

*Please keep in mind that any keepsakes that are painted including the Pet Portraits, Tree of Life Portraits, Ornaments, etc., will vary in finished appearance. No piece will look the same as these are handcrafted keepsakes. Paint color/ style variations are in the artists discretion, however, the pet portrait will be painted to resemble your pet as closely as possible from the provided photo.*

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I do offer a bundle discount of 10% off on orders including 2 or more pieces. Use code BUNDLE10 at checkout to receive the discount.

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